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The Lis Restaurant is located in one of the most beautiful places of this town, Salamanca. 18, Patio Chico: nice, peaceful and full of suggestions. This enviroment is what the dining room represents indoors.

Since its opening, the company is doing its best to find a balance between tradition and modernity, between the continuance of the best and the seduction of new tastings.

All our progress depends on two basic and strong pillars: one side, the products, the raw material; on the other side, the individual treatment for each dish.

Among the meat, we have the best of the region: Aliste's veal, Castilla y Leon's quality guaranteed lamb, Guijuelo's Iberian pork sirloin and the Palencia's farms duck. Among the fish, Cantabria's bonito, Norwegian salmon, Galicia's monkfish. Among the vegetables, you can find regional tomatoes, peppers, onions and leeks for the best gazpachos and salads. For desserts, different homemade ice creams depending on the seasonal fruits, Valrhona chocolate, best quality cream, raw milk cheesecake or the delicious panna cotta, where you can taste the sweetness and gentleness of its ingredients.

The wine list selects a quality range of the best regional wines: From Toro, Castilla y León, the Arribes, Salamanca's mountains; but also from Ribera, Rioja, Priorato, Penedés..

The other basic pillar is the kitchen, the burners, the work tables and, with no doubt, the Head Chef, the owner of the restaurant, Ana Rodríguez. An enthusiastic pupil of Chez Victor, she has gained in her career great university training, practical and professional learning and high experience with big Head Chefs in her stay in Cataluña and Mallorca

The Lis restaurant maintains a basic principle: a good chef is obliged to make compatible health and pleasure, a healthy diet and a tasty meal, nature and a careful production. Let's make compatible gluttony and health.

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